Saturday, December 27, 2008

Penang Trips Day 3

The 3rd days is coming....full of SORROW coz is the LAST day I stay here....but.........................

Dialog from 2nd days night before SLEEP:-
Wayson: Kelvin,tomorrow u leaving rite?
Kelvin:YEAH!!! coz suddenly coz a promotion at my counter,i have to GO back take a look...
Wayson:REALLY?? Tot u can celebrate CHRISTMAS wit us......
Kelvin: I hope so....but...NO tomorrow we have wake up early lo...10am ok?

6am........I had wake up for a while coz heard some noise but i am sure they are CHIT CHATING lo.....

10am I wake up again...and I just saw Ethan sitting in front the computer...and I ask him....did u sleep well yesterday??? he answer....I did not SLEEP!!!

OMG!!!!! and Wayson just went to SLEEP!!!! GOSH!!!!!!

after I took shower.......i saw....i saw....i saw.....Ethan when to sleep toooooOOooooo......

Haiz.....what can do? Sitting in front the computer and on9 lo....



around 4pm.....

we had wasted a lot of time.....of course they have to fetch me buy bus ticket 1st lo....luckily I got bought the last 12.45pm

then is going nite too......and we used our dinner too....or should said is our.....breakfast or lunch??? whatever.....

and they bring me to a beach side mamak restaurant o!!!!

Here is the MEAL.....look delicious!!! and got a nice view coz is facing the beach.....can u see what that?????? Not clear rite??? coz i camara phone is Not very GOOD!!!actually is a 'BOAT SWINGS'.....if my lauguage is Not mistake....and Ethan got a show for te CHRISTMAS EVE....yeah!!! he need to sing at the PUB....and he wear like a santa claus(young version)...kaka!!!! but is HANDSOME too~~~!!!!and this is my 1st time heard him sing a proper song....and is NICE.....and he sing me a song touched!!!!

and this is my 1st time celebrated my christmas at PUB.... I got a special christmas celebration for this year....
Is time to GO....Wayson fetched me to the bus station and Ethan need to stay at the PUB continue the show,i did not informed him when I go,,,a lil bit SAD....Before I go,I took a picture wit Wayson....He say will going to MISS me,same as Ethan....Is time to GO....full of memory flashing in my mind the moment...and my tears drop when the bus is start Going......GOODBYE,PENANG!!!
p.s: once,thx again to Ethan and great to have this trips,I am enjoy,fun and unforgetable....being u guys as my fren is a wonderful things in my life and is a GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT that I never recieve...I should thx GOD....anyway,Going to miss u guys while I back to KL....TOODLE'S~~~

Friday, December 26, 2008

Penang Trips Day 2

Is 2nd day for the trips....and Ethan and Wayson bring me to the beach but I still forget what the place name.... :P
I am so SUPRISE that I saw this GAME...sorry,i dunno wat the game name...kaka!!! coz my english is weak....Here is the NAUGHT BOYS BULI-ING the GAL which is LYING on the too SAD for the GAL....and the riding hourse...POOR HORSEand I found someting very FUNNY.....Guess what the DOG doing???It LEFT......RAN~~~~~~~~~~and THE DOG leave it SHIT......~_~
Ethan is getting bored,but how can Wayson took this shoot???say HI~~~~to the camera!!!
kaka.....we are looking something....that is the purpose we came to the beach WHAT?
Is the SUNSET.....COOL....IS NICE....lucky I get the time for DINNER....and we decided take western FOOD.....of course they bring me to a NICE and WORTH restaurant....
Guess how much for the price for this GIANT size FRUIT JUICE?????Is just very very CHEAP....and is nothing diffrent compare wit KL....
YES I know....i forget took the photo for the dish and dessert...SORRY ya!! just keep EATING!!! kaka....XD XD
SURE I will take PICTURE wit THEM....if not I will feel is a WILL of my life....and we are acting a taiwan drama in tis pic...guess wat the dram name???? keke....!!!!!

OKOK.........will upload my last days trips tomorrow....TOODLE!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Penang Trips

Is begin long time i did not update my...YES!! I am lazy but i while busy after the HARI RAYA...
I SWEAR~!! if i got time I will try my best upload my story...

2008 end soon but my balance leave still not clear yet!!! my company wanna me clear it if NOt my leave will FORFIT!!!! NO CHOICE~~!! but I decided GO PENANG visit my FRENZ!! NAME:Ethan Lim
Occupation:Professional Performer

NAME:Wayson Lim
Occupation:Professional Performer
I am feel so thxful to them coz they treated me very very very well...i am Going to MISS them!!!

At the 1st day,they bring me Go to Queensbay Mall and we used SHUSI KING....we eat alot!!!
and the theme for CHRISTMAS at Queensbay Mall is....DOREMON!!!of course....I will took a photo with the cutie DOREMON!!!and the next station is GURNEY PLAZA....but the theme is very SIMPLE,just a christmas TREE at the main entrance!!!

and we used our dinner beside the plaza....but I dunno what the name...but is delicious!!! YUMMY!!!

I am so excited for the trips...and I will upload my next days trips time to sleep...

Friday, October 3, 2008


We just had our BBQ time during the 1st Hari Raya...

and the organiser is our sweetie babe....SOOK boy fren,Kelvin Yong(is nt me,i am Kelvin Kwan)...:P

actually i am lazy to stand in front the damn hot stove and the smoke is attacked my eyes...
here is our selection(but s one of the part,there are more...)
and the kids and children is using this little stove....

at the party,i did not BBQ any food,coz i am lazy stand in front de stove and wait de i decided to use 'baked'....i 'baked' bacon and cheese hotdog...i 'baked' ikan kampung...i 'baked' many many thing coz js leave it upside de stove den chat chat chat den can eat ady,...kaka...

it is long time we did nt gathering a nice party...i am vry enjoy...coming up next i think is my bestie chee hoong de birthday party lo...i am excited!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Today i got a bad news from KENT,and i am the last to got tis news!!!
Olivia resign ady!!!
I am so shock and sad!!!
and she until end of tis month,dunno gt chance to meet her up anot!!!

js past from the wednesday,our company gt a party at PAVILION,
when dismiss,i found Olivia and gv her a big huge!!!
and i told her,i hv t huge u tight coz we hard to meet up...
and now i gt her 'resign' news!!
haiz.....T-T flash back the spring and summer'08 picture,i found tat in tis picture,had many ppl resign ady!!! DAVID,SAM,and now OLIVIA....
the cutie gal who sitting bside me is OLIVIA...haiz...she leave ue soon...

And today i go to survey the ladies counter and i found 'something' at the table....tat is unbelievable!!!

TATA~is a BRA~

Question time:~

1. is that a merchandise?

2. who so stupid forgot to wear de BRA after fitting?

3. mayb js some ppl dun want he BRA and my counter is so lucky to let her throw or drop or watever~


Monday, September 15, 2008


Is long time i did nt update my blog nt bcoz i am bcoz i got a mission...and tis mission make me spent a week n still nt completed vry well...and blast off my head!!!!
anyway!! i am escape!!!!

here is the shirt tat i wear for today!!

well let show u guys wat am i doing passing the week!!!

tis is the ladies store room!!! izzit look terrible???? i really dunno how can it happen!! is really irresponsble!!!


the cartons is still so many coz is prepare for the anniversary sales!!!but unless 'we' have done all the stock arrangment!! just for tight up the stock ady used one week time!! nt only me!! i gt a partner name EVE!!! she follow up de stock tat need to tight up and i follow the stocks tat should return!! and we work vry well and fun!!!

TATA~~!!! tis is EVE...does she look pretty???i think nt bad!! and she is a damn damn damn funny person!!! we keep laughing during we work together!!!

and bside!!! i got a gift from her when we hv our last lunch at MIDVALLEY!!! she said vry thx for helping her tis week!!!( the store room wil mess up nt bcoz of her,is aNother staff tat get accident and EVE r transfer from PAVILION to help to clear the store room)...she also said tis hp chain lOOk lk me!! izzit?????????????
i am glad to work wit u!!!

well...........hv to rush my merchandise feedback for tomolo meeting!!
work hard!!!